Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Year 2014 Walk From Carmel to Marina

New Year 2014 Walk 
From Carmel to Marina

Day 1: On your own or walk from Carmel to Asilomar.
Option 1: Enjoy the Monterey Peninsula on your own. Suggestions: Point Lobos, Carmelite Monastery Mass at 8am, Carmel Mission, Carmel. Option 2: Walk from Carmel to Asilomar.                 8.9miles/ 14.32 Km Meet that afternoon at Asilomar Conference Grounds.


Day 2: Asilomar Conference Grounds to Monterey Hostel.
An easy day of walking along the coastal trail with full views of the ocean. Lunch any where you like along Cannery Row.
A visit to the Aquarium if you like. Then Check in at Monterey Hostel.
4.1 Miles 6.6 Km

Day 3: Monterey Hostel to Sand City/Marina
Walking along the Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail with more full views of the ocean. Morning coffee break at Starbucks in Sand City.
Option 1: End of walk. Get picked up.                                   4.2 Miles/6.7 Km
Option 2: Walk onto Starbucks in Marina.                           9.6 miles/ 15.45 Km

This is a pay your own way event. You are free to join or leave at will. Below are the lodging suggestions that correspond with the walking itinerary. Please reserve early to be sure you have a space.
Dec 31st- Asilomar Conference Grounds.
800 Asilomar Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Phone:(831) 372-8016
Rooms start at $126.00 for double occupancy http://www.visitasilomar.com/
Jan 1st- Monterey Hostel
778 Hawthorne Ave, Monterey
Phone: 831.649.0375
Beds start are $24-27 http://montereyhostel.org/
Jan 2nd- Depart or stay with Family/Friends in Marina
Contact Christina if you would like to be our guest J

(831) 747-4957 info@leapofconfidence.com

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The 6 mile Business Meeting to Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise!

Emily and I set out our front doors in early Sunday Morning and walked to the next town!
6 miles in 2 hours!
Have you ever noticed that some of the best ideas come to you when you are walking and talking with someone? Well its scientifically proven that both talking with someone and walking will improve mental ability! 

"A study released last month by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh shows that walking a few miles per week can stave off the progress of Alzheimer's disease. According to the BBC, the study proves that "people who walk at least 5 miles a week have bigger brains, better memories and improved mental ability compared to those who are more sedentary." http://daol.aol.com/articles/walking-boosts-the-brain 
However the study goes on to report that walking 5 miles a week needs to be consistent for up to a year for results to be significant. So,  I will be setting up weekly walking business meetings. Who is ready to improve their mental abilities! 

But hold the phone, there is another great benefit to walking and talking out ideas. Learning collaboratively with another person is the most advanced stage of socio-cultural learning by Lev Vygotsky. Vygotsky is a socio-cultural learning theorist. He has been one of my favorite theorists since I was first introduced to his work back in 1998. Yes, I am that geeky to have favorite theorists, don't get me started. 

Vygotsky 's theory suggests that learning is dependent on interaction with other people. So when we talk and walk together we are fullfilling his learning theory as we strive to understand each other, provide constructive feedback, share and build ideas together. 

I always knew there was something to this walking thing. 
So let me know if you want to join this Mt.Goat for a walking business meeting to tease out ideas and make awesome life plans- that we will actually do!

As Always my Friend, 
Buen Camino!

Em and I had great conversations and have some great plans to follow through on!
Can't wait!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Camino Notes Resurrected #1

Photo by Anastasia Vasileva. (Camino Amiga)
The Camino did not always lead us along beautiful and secluded paths. Sometimes we had to walk on busy roads and highways for may hours.  It was dangerous, noisy, and  the hard pavement was especially tiring on the knees. 

"I pray for you to have the courage to embrace your dreams. Dear God, the Camino is the most challenging and rewarding thing I have done next to having children. I am not even done but am convinced if I can walk the Camino I can do anything. Lots of love! Christina"

I sent the message above, to a friend while I was completing the Camino De Santiago De Compostela in Northern Spain. I had been walking for 11 days of the 35 days it would take for me to complete the 510 mile journey on foot. 

"I have been working on embracing joy in my life and letting go of fear. It's not easy for me, but I work on it. So we ended up doing the Camino because my husband felt a calling to it. When my husband first dreamed of the Camino we did not know what it was. Then my husband watched the movie, "The Way" about the Camino and said he wanted to do it. I had no idea what I was agreeing to, but we had vowed to honor each others dreams in our marriage and so I said "ok. That is what we are doing then."
That was about a year and a half ago. For six months we researched occasionally, and discussed it now and then. In July 2012 we set a goal for June 2014. By July 2012 we started buying gear. On March 15 2013,  I got a layoff notice. On St. Patrick's day I took my hubby out for a drink. He did not feel like celebrating in light of the bad news. I insisted we go out anyway. After I got a few drinks in him we started talking about the Camino. I was not drinking. I said 'let's do the camino this year. There are no guarantees in life. What are we waiting for?' 
So from March to May we set up the whole trip. I was afraid of flying and the unknowns of the Camino and I had real concerns about being strong enough to take on such a task. I was barely recovered from a dislocated patella! But I made a conscious decision to not be ruled by fear. Rather I would be inspired by joy. 
I made a Dali Lama quote my mantra "in this moment I am ok" and self-talked myself with this quote through bumpy flights, being lost in a storm on the Camino and through other trials we faced along the Camino. Now we are home. I am changed for the better!"

The above entry was written after we got home form the Camino. I am glad I wrote this to have it to look back on. I am happy to share this with all of you so that others might let go of fear and embrace joy in their lives. 
I do not promise that your journey will be easy. I can almost guarantee that there will be pain, trials and hardships. However, I can tell you from experience, the only way to succeed is to not give up.

I believe we walk the Camino the way we live.
If that is true, I am truly a Mt. Goat that can weather storms, press on in dire circumstances, will make big leaps when needed, and only takes well calculated risks. This Mt. Goat knows  the only way is through. There are no short cuts. This Mt. Goat knows that as long as I put one foot in front of the other, I am  making progress no matter how slow, and I will make it to the top and as long as I never give up!
My Husband Gerald and I, at the 0.0 Km marker
We did it 918 km!
As Always my friend, 
Buen Camino!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mission Statement

Mountain Goat Enterprises provides practical fact-based advising, one-on-one coaching, and connections with real life experiences to enable clients to "leap with confidence" to the life they want through our 6 integrated enterprises: 

  1. College and career advising
  2. Tax preparation and filling
  3. Business improvement evaluations
  4. Social enterprising
  5. Mt. Goat Brewing
  6. Self-discovery through pilgrimage

College and Career Advising

Broaden perspectives and provide the knowledge needed to leap with confidence
 to the college and career that is the best fit for the individual.

Tax Preparation and Filling

Provide surefooted leadership in organizing financial data for the preparation of tax returns for accurate IRS Reporting and financial planning for prosperity. 

Business Improvement Evaluations

See your business services through the eyes of your clients and receive consultation on tried and true paths to success. 

Social Enterprising

Connect with other individuals and groups who have your like minded purpose to succeed!

Mt. Goat Brewing

Join in the renaissance of women in craft brewing. Try your hand at enterprising craft brewing, provide valuable feedback for Mt. Goat Brewing and learn the history of women in brewing.

Self-Discovery Through Pilgrimage

Guided hikes and gear advice to take the path less traveled to one's self. 
Find what fulfills you by taking the time to hear yourself through pilgrimage here or abroad.