Thursday, January 30, 2014

Creative Visualization Workshops: How long have you denied yourself of what you want and need? Nourish your soul and mind!

Self-Care is the first to go by the wayside during busy times or economic difficulty. We have all been through some rough times these past few years with the recession in the U. S. The economy may still be suffering, but you need not. Take care of yourself. You deserve it! 

Contact me at for affordable opportunities for special pricing or payments. Going rates for similar programs range from hundreds to thousands.
At $150 for 12 hours of therapy equals $12.50 and hour!

How could three hours a month focused on what you truly want change your life? 

This workshop series is designed to carve the time out of daily lives and look within to draw out what truly fulfills us. Rabia Erduman, Psychologist- Therapist -Healer, will lead the small group through meditation, introspection, and provide information to guide participants to transform their lives into what they truly desire.

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