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This is my first kombucha batch. I was given the SCOBY by a friend. Once faced with the slimy SCOBY, I screwed my face up into a wince and could not believe I have ever willing consumed kombucha.  I got the thing home and pushed the SCOBY to the back of the fridge. Honestly, I was pretty grossed out by the growing yeast and bacteria culture. I know that kombucha is good for my health. I know I like to drink it. However, when faced the brown-green, inch thick living culture, I did not want to think about consuming it or even brewing with it. 

I put off brewing it for along time. Well, for about 2 weeks. Finally with all the holidays over and the fridge cleaned out from holiday left overs. The SCOBY was exposed and staring at me again. I stopped procrastinating and got down to making kombucha. 

Day 1: I brewed a strong green tea. I let the tea cool overnight. I also brew beer and have learned the hard way that it is very easy to shock or kill yeast if the wort is too hot. So, I did not take any chances in shocking my SCOBY and let the very sweet green tea cool completely. 

Day 2: I took out the SCOBY and used ziplock bags for gloves. I removed the SCOBY from the jar. I added a step in warming up the cold jar with hot water so the cold jar would not slow fermentation. Yet not too, hot to shock yeast.  I added the tea, and one cup plain raw kombucha (store bought from whole foods). Next, with a little help from my daughter,  I coaxed the SCOBY out of the bowl, careful not to break it. It resisted a first. Then it was as slick and quick as a fish!  In a swift swish and plop it was in the tea. I made quite a shudder as it went through my fingers--see picture above. 

Now I will monitor temperature and wait. I will let you all know how it turns out.  

Basic Ingredients for Unflavored Homemade Kombucha Tea (KT):
1 SCOBY (you can order one here if you can’t make your own)
8 green tea bags (I doubled this because I like strong tea)
1 cup sugar (I used honey and added a little extra)
1 gallon of water
1 gallon  jar
1 old t-shirt ( I used coffee filters)
1 Rubberband (to secure coffee filter/cloth lid)

Directions for Unflavored Homemade Kombucha Tea (KT):

  1. Boil 64 oz of water (8 cups) in a large pot.
  2. Add 8 green tea bags and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Remove the tea bags.
  3. Add 1 cup of sugar and stir well.
  4. Allow the tea to come to room temperature and pour into a clean one-gallon mason jar or crock.
  5. Add 64 oz more water to the jar and place the SCOBY (along with any KT it came with) into the jar.
  6. Cover with a piece of old t-shirt, and secure with a rubber band.
  7. Allow the homemade kombucha to ferment in a dark place (mine was in the pantry) for 7-14 days. Mine was ready after 8, but I live in Southern California, and it’s been warm lately. The fermentation time will vary depending on your location, your SCOBY and how sweet or sour you want the homemade kombucha. Sample by moving the SCOBY aside and taking a little out with a clean spoon. After this time, your tea may be slightly carbonated and will be unflavored (only tea-flavored). You may drink the homemade kombucha tea then or to do a second fermentation with different fruits for flavor and more carbonation.
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I also like the Wiki how directions: 

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