College & Career Advising


Broadening perspectives & providing the information needed  to make informed decisions to make a "Leap of Confidence" to the College/Career that is the best fit for the individual.

High School & Community College Student Services

  • Transcript Review & Advising for A-F Requirements
  • Transcript Data Entry Assistance for College Applications
  • Choosing a Major or Vocation Activities
  • Internship, Volunteering, & Service Activities Aligned with Educational Goals
  • Personal Statement Review & Guidance (for U.C. & some private institutions)
  • Financial Aid Application Assistance (*Taxes Needed See Financial Services)
  • Scholarship Search and Application Support
  • College Search for Goodness of Fit 
  • College Application Assistance and Technical Support
  • Ongoing College Assistance and Technical Support

What We Do In Sessions

  • We sit together and review transcripts, discuss goals, and research options. 
  • I provide practical information about labor statistics, college costs and demographics 
  • We think through what is really feasible, not just possible. 
  • Whether planning or applying for college, we sit side by side at the computer as I help you interpret your transcripts to be entered into your account (typically CSUmentor)
  • There are always problems, something did not go through, needs follow-up,etc.. I help you navigate the maze from 21 years of personal experience. 
  • I help explore and assist in applying for Financial Aid, Scholarships and if applicable Veteran's benefits.


Transcript Review & Alignment with Entry Requirements for College

$50 for Freshman, Sophomores and Community College 1-48 Units$75 for Juniors, Seniors and Community College 49 and up Units

College Applications

$100 about a 3 hour time commitment

All other Services:

$50 for Freshman, Sophomores and Community College 1-48 Units
$75 for Juniors, Seniors and Community College 49 and up Units
*Pricing based on the amount of data that needs to be reviewed to provide accurate advising information

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